Pandora Premium allows subscribers to download music for offline listening within the Pandora app. You cannot access the downloaded tracks outside of the Pandora app. If you want to download music from Pandora for your personal music collection that you can access elsewhere, here are 5 free ways to do it. With these simple tricks, you can even download Pandora music without the Premium subscription. 


  1. These methods are for educational and personal use only.
  2. You should not use any of these methods to pirate or distribute music.
  3. This may be illegal in your country, so be informed. 

Method 1: Pandora Music Replay And Download Script

There is a script for Pandora Music users who want to replay and download their favorite songs. It adds a replay button and a download button to the Pandora Music player, so you can easily listen to the same song again or save it to your device.

Pandora Music Replay And Download Script

To use this script, you need to install a browser extension that supports user scripts, such as Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey. Then, you can install the Pandora Music Replay and Download script and enjoy Pandora Music without any restrictions.

Method 2: Web Browser Addon

The easiest way to download music from Pandora would be with a browser extension or add-on. Video DownloadHelper is a browser extension that allows you to download videos and audio from the web. Here, we will use it to download audio from Pandora. 

Video DownloadHelper is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Once you have the extension installed, head over to Pandora website and start playing any track. Then click on the extension icon at the top right corner. 

From there, you can select an audio file to download. Usually, the one at the button is the track that is currently playing. When the file is downloaded, you need to rename the file because it will be titled as the web page title. 

Method 3: Web Browser Developer Tools

If you don’t want to install anything, just use your web browser to download music from Pandora with the Developer Tools features. It may seem a little complicated for those who never used Developer Tools, but it is not. 

Step 1. Go to the Pandora website and play any track that you want to download. 

Step 2. Right click and select Inspect. You can also press F12 on Windows or Option + ⌘ + J on macOS.

Step 3. Within the Developer Tools, click on “Network” and then “Media”. If there is no results, reload the page and start playing again. 

Step 4. Copy the URL displayed and open it in a new tab. From there, you can right click to save the audio file on your computer hard drive. 

In this way, you still need to rename the file downloaded. You can play the next track to download another one. 

If some cases, you will still see no results even after the refresh. In that case, click “All” instead of “Media”. From All results, you can sort them by size from the largest to the smallest. The audio download URL is usually larger in size, so you can find it in the top results. 

Method 4: Convert Pandora Music to MP3

If you want to enjoy Pandora music offline or on other devices, you can use Tuneskit Audio Capture to convert Pandora music to mp3 format. It is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can record any sound playing on your computer, including Pandora music, and save it as mp3 files.

You can also edit the recorded audio, such as trimming, cutting, merging, adjusting volume, etc. Here are the steps to use Tuneskit Audio Capture to convert Pandora music to MP3:

  1. Download and install Tuneskit Audio Capture on your computer.
  2. Launch Tuneskit Audio Capture and select the web browser you use to play Pandora music from the main interface.
  3. Open the web browser and log in to your Pandora account. Start playing the music you want to convert.
  4. Tuneskit Audio Capture will automatically detect and record the music playing on the web browser. You can see the recording progress on the main interface.
  5. When you finish recording, click the stop button on the main interface. You can preview and edit the recorded audio by clicking the edit icon.
  6. To convert the recorded audio to mp3, click the format button on the bottom right corner and select mp3 as the output format. You can also adjust other parameters, such as codec, bit rate, sample rate, etc.
  7. Click the save button to export the converted mp3 files to your computer. You can find them in the history folder.

With Tuneskit Audio Capture, you can easily convert Pandora music to MP3 and enjoy it offline or on any device you want.

Method 5: Fiddler Everywhere

Fiddler Everywhere is a program for debugging http(s) traffic. Here, you can also use it to capture the direct URL to download music from Pandora. Like with the previous methods, you will need to play the music on Pandora and start capture all requests. 

Within Fiddler Everywhere, you will see every request URL your web browser sends. From the search box, you can type “audio” to find the download link to the Pandora song that you are listening. You just copy the URL to your downloader program or your web browser to download it. 

While using Fiddler Everywhere, it is recommended to close other tabs that are irrelevant to Pandora music to minimize the request URLs.


I have done some research and I couldn’t find a legit Pandora music downloader that works. That’s why I wrap up these 5 methods for downloading music from Pandora for free. The first 3 methods will download Pandora music as M4A. If you need MP3, you can use the fourth method to convert Pandora music to MP3.

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