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Tecuts Premium

Previously, we have shared a lot of custom shortcuts for iPhone or iPad. We included more than 30 shortcuts in our collection post, the majority of which were original to us. Here, we will share our premium shortcuts. You can pay a small price to get all our premium shortcuts to help us do what we do. 

We will continue adding new useful shortcuts in this post. You can pay 20 USD/year for all the shortcuts, including future updates, and premium content. After payment, you can also join our Telegram group where you offer suggestions and request new shortcuts.  

Get All Premium Shortcuts and Content

Get all the premium shortcuts and access all premium content without having to pay extra. After payment, you will have the link to join our premium Telegram Group. 

In the Telegram group, you can request new features for any premium shortcuts and request for new shortcuts. Besides shortcuts, we will also share premium content for downloading high quality music and others. 

We haven’t got replies from some paid users, so we are not sure if they received our shortcuts. If you don’t receive them, be sure to contact us.

Qobuz Track Downloader

If you like to download hi-res music on your iPhone or iPad, you can get this Qobuz Track Downloader shortcut. You can simply copy the URL to a Qobuz track and this shortcut will rip lossless music from Qobuz

You can refer to the video below to see how it works. A Qobuz subscription is not required to use this shortcut, as shown in the video. You can check the downloaded music files in FLAC in the Files app.

Spotify Downloader [Higher Qulity]

We have shared a Spotify to MP3 shortcut, but the music is sourced from YouTube. This one can get much better quality. However, it is not downloading music from Spotify service because of DRM protection. 

This simply matches the track to another music service to rip higher-quality music and keep all the Spotify metadata. If no match is found, it will also download music from YouTube. 

Tidal Downloader Shortcut [FLAC]

This shortcut allows you to download Tidal tracks in lossless format, FLAC. You can copy the URL to a track and run this shortcut. During my test, it does not work when running it from Tidal share sheet.

Shazam to MP3 [320kbps]

When you listen to a song and run this shortcut, it will download it on your iPhone or iPad. Of course, you can also choose to save it on iCloud. The music quality is 320kbps. We will also release a free version, which only downloads the music at 128kbps.


After downloading hi-res music in FLAC, you can use this shortcut to convert FLAC to ALAC. This way, you can add the free lossless music to iTunes or Music app in your iPhone or iPad. 

Ultimate Media Downloader

This shortcut allows you to download video and audio from thousands of websites including YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, etc.

This shortcut cannot download private videos from YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Bypass YouTube Age Restriction

With the “Bypass YouTube Age Restriction” shortcut, you can easily watch videos on YouTube that are only for people of a certain age without having to sign in or prove your age. You can simply share the video link with the shortcut and it will automatically open the video, bypassing the age restriction. Also, the shortcut lets you download age-restricted videos directly to your device so you can watch them offline.

To use the shortcut, simply tap the “share” button on the YouTube video you wish to watch or download, select “Shortcuts” from the list of options, and then select the “Bypass YouTube Age Restriction” shortcut. The shortcut will take care of the rest, allowing you to watch or download the video without any additional steps or verification processes.

Refund Policy

Sorry, we don’t offer a refund option. Before purchasing, be sure to read what’s addressed on this page. Feel free to use any of our shortcuts shared publicly. If you are not content with this purchase, please contact us.