Instagram does not provide the feature for downloading Instagram posts and stories. Luckily, there are ways to work it around. In this post, I’ll show you how to download private Instagram videos to your phone, tablet, or computer in 5 different methods. Of course, you can also use these methods to download videos from public Instagram accounts. 

It is kind of tricky to download private videos because you need to log in to see content from a private Instagram account. Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of methods for downloading videos from private accounts on Instagram to assist you in your endeavor. 

Download private Instagram videos online

No matter what device you use, you can use an online private downloader for Instagram. After trying a few online Instagram downloaders, I recommend this Instadownloader. This one is unusual since it can parse the video from your browser and get your video or picture material. That is to say, you don’t need to copy the source code from Instagram, so you can use it on your iPhone or Android devices. 

You can refer to the steps below to see how it works.  

Download Private Instagram Video Online

Step 1. Open your device’s browser on your iPhone, Android, or PC. Then go to your Instagram account and log in.

Step 2. Copy the  URL to the private video post from the address bar of your browser.

Step 3. Go to this Instagram Private Downloader page in the same browser and paste the URL into the URL field. Click the Download button to continue. 

Step 4. The web tool will fetch you the video in seconds, and you can download it to your smartphone or PC by clicking the Download option that appears.

The key for this online tool to work is to log in to Instagram and use the downloader in the same web browser. 

Tampermonkey Script

There is a userscript that adds a Download button below every Instagram post whether it is from a private account or a public account. You can simply click the Download button to download videos from your Instagram private account. 

To run this script, you need a Tampermonkey extension or a similar one. The best part, you can use Tamoermoneky on mobile devices. In case you have never use Tampermonkey, I will show you how to do it step by step. 

Instagram Downloader Tampermonkey Script

Step 1. Install the Tampermonekey extension for your preferred web browser. Tampermoneky is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. 

Step 2. Install this Instagram: Download Photo & Video script. Click the Install button and instantly you are all set. 

Step 3. Within the same web browser, log in to Instagram and you will see a Download below every Instagram video or picture. You can just click it to save the video on your storage. 

The script is public for every to view, so you don’t need to worry whether it will steal you information. I use it quite often. 

Instagram private video downloader for Android

Besides the two methods above, Android users can also use a dedicated app for downloading private Instagram videos. Following the instructions below, you can download the private Instagram video to your Android phone Camera Roll.

Instagram Downloader for Android

Step 1. Go to Google Play and download the Insget app. It is free with Ads, but no full-screen ads after each action. 

Step 2. Open the app and log in to the application with your Instagram account that can view the private Instagram content. 

Step 3. Paste the post link to Insget and tap the Download button. 

Step 4. When the video is loaded, tap the Download button. If there are many videos, you may choose all of them and download them at once.

So far,  Insget is an easy-to-use application for downloading posts, stories, and IGTV videos from both public and private Instagram accounts. It will never display annoying full-screen advertisements following each activity as other apps do. 

Instagram Downloader shortcut for iOS

You’ve probably heard of the Shortcuts app, which combines numerous time-saving features. Based on the Instagram: Download Photo & Video script, I created this custom shortcut, An Ins Downloader, for you to download private Instagram videos and photos on iPhone or iPad. 

To get this shortcut, just open the URL in Safari. If you have never imported any shortcuts, you need to first allow Untrusted Shortcuts in Settings. Any shortcut outside of the Shortcuts Gallery is considered Untrusted according to Apple, so no worries. Follow the steps below to use this shortcut. 

Step 1. Open Safari and log in to your Instagram account. 

Step 2. Tap on the Safari Share button and from there select the An Ins Downloader shortcut you just imported. 

Step 3. Now, you can see a Download button next to each Instagram post. You can just tap on the Download button to save any Instagram video on your iPhone. 

You can also go to the private profile page and run this shortcut. Then you can easily download any video or image from a private Instagram account. 

Private Instagram downloader app for Windows and Mac

ByClick Downloader is a multi-purpose video downloader that can download videos from any source, including Instagram. It’s quick, efficient, and simple to use. With this incredible program, you can download any Instagram video from private accounts. You may simply get it from the Byclick Downloader official website.

Following these procedures will allow you to download a private Instagram video using this program. Of course, you can also refer to the steps below to download private videos from YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Step 1. Get the latest version of ByClick Downloader and install it.

Step 2. Login to Instagram in your web browser and copy the URL for the Instagram video that you want to download.

Step 3. Start the ByClick Downloader on your computer. Click on the Drop-down mention, and select Options. Under the Accounts tab, click “Add account” for Instagram and click Allow access to allow this program to access your Google Chrome credentials. This is only needed for downloading videos from a private account. 

Step 4. Paste the Instagram video URL to ByClick Downloader and click the Download button. You may change the output format if needed. 

If you want to extract audio from an Instagram video, simply select the output format as MP3. The Instagram video will be downloaded to the default download location on your device. On the settings page, you can also modify the download location.

ByClick Downloader is only available for Windows. For Mac users, I recommend 4K Video Downloader. You can allow it to access Firefox or Chrome cookies in order to download private videos. 


As you can see it is quite convenient to download private Instagram videos using any of these 5 methods. None of them require you to enter your Instagram login info, so don’t worry about leaking privacy. Now, it is your turn. Which of the methods are you going to try first? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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